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Urgent Repairs

Our Campaign target

St Mary's Church was built using a soft local limestone called 'clunch' which, although a beautiful honey colour, doesn't weather well. Around the windows on the North East side of the building whole areas which support the glass and sides of the windows must be replaced. Costs are rising at the moment, but could be around £70,000 per window. Three nearest to the North door are in the worst state and it is most economic to repair all together.

The first target for our campaign is to raise at least £200,000 towards these repairs.




St Mary's in History

North Herts Museum in Brand Street recently held an exhibition of photos which featured many postcards of views of St Mary's Church. This one is from about 1860.


St Mary's Lights up for Charity

St Mary's collaborated with Hitchin Rotary to light up the famous East End of the Church to highlight 'Polio Day'

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